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Girard Medical Center  OUTPATIENT SERVICES

The Tower Building houses the residential mental health and drug and alcohol programs at GMC.  Girard Medical Center has a long history of providing drug and alcohol services and is the site of the Commonwealth’s first organized detoxification service.  Currently, GMC provides a full continuum of care has the distinction of being the only provider in the Delaware Valley that holds every available drug and alcohol license.

The Residential and outpatient drug and alcohol services provided at GMC include:

Goldman Clinic
A methadone maintenance program serving six hundred (600) patients.  Methadone substitution therapy is a treatment of last resort for opiate dependent individuals who have not been successful with other types of treatment.  The population served in this program is very chronic with high incidences of HIV and TB.

Latino Rehabilitation Program
A thirty-two (32) bed sub-acute service program.  This program is the first and only program in the Commonwealth that specializes in the provision of drug and alcohol services to the Latino community.  The entire staff is bi-cultural and bilingual.

Forensic Rehabilitation Program
This thirty-one (31) bed sub-acute unit provides residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to males who are referred to the program through the City of Philadelphia’s criminal justice system.

Residential and outpatient psychiatric services provided at GMC include:

Dual Diagnosis Residential Program
This is a sixteen (16) bed sub-acute program that serves patients with chronic and persistent mental illness and a history of substance abuse that require a structured residential setting over an extended period of time.  The average length of stay is nine (9) months and there is a wait list for entry into the program.

Dual-Diagnosis Forensic Intensive Recovery Residence (DDFIRR)
A 25-bed, unlocked, residential facility that provides a sheltered, stable environment in which male persons who are in the Criminal Justice System and have concurrent chronic mental illness and chemical dependence can begin a treatment program that will lead to a healthier life.  The program addresses the overall lifestyle problems of the residents in addition to their illnesses and their relationship to criminal behavior.

Psychiatric Step-down Program
This twenty (20) bed sub-acute program provides a structured, therapeutic, supervised, short term residential setting to serve persons eighteen (18) years of age or older who suffer from mental illness with or without concurrent substance abuse, and do not need hospitalization but require twenty-four (24) hour treatment for stabilization, crisis intervention and therapy.

Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic
The psychiatric outpatient clinic provides individual therapy, group therapy, partial hospitalization services and medical management to adults.  Many patients are dually diagnosed and both their substance abuse and psychiatric illnesses are addressed.


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