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Girard Medical Center  OTHER SERVICES 

Ventilator Weaning
The Continuing Care Hospital at Girard Medical Center takes care of patients who require ventilator support for breathing.  These patients undergo vigilant and intensive respiratory assessment and monitoring by a multidisciplinary team which includes the following: nursing, respiratory, physicians, nutrition, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and social services.  This team meets weekly to discuss all aspects of the plan of care and to assure that everyone is agreeable that the best quality of care is being delivered to each individual patient.  In the past year, our statistics show that 58% of patients who were on the ventilator were successfully weaned.

Woundcare Management
The Continuing Care Hospital receives a large number of patients with severe skin wounds ranging from Stage I to Stage IV.  These wounds are on multiple areas of the patient’s body, and usually on diverse areas.  Nursing manages the care of these patients in coordination with wound care consultants, the woundcare educator and a multidisciplinary team.


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