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Girard Medical Center  Background Information

Girard Medical Center offers a variety of services for behavioral illnesses.  It is the mission of Girard to provide quality healthcare through prevention, education and treatment in their hospital and community, including services and special programs for persons with behavioral medial disorders.  We offer these services in a manner that is spiritually and culturally sensitive and responsive to community needs.

Girard Medical Center’s vision is to be the region’s premier provider of behavioral and extended acute medical services.  By offering high quality, innovative, culturally sensitive service, Girard Medical Center serves the needs of the community.  Girard continues its commitment to those most in need through plans for service expansion.

The guiding principles behind Girard Medical Center are: sensitivity, integrity and consistency.  Sensitivity: we seek to understand our patient’s or resident’s values and concerns so that we can serve them with dignity and sensitivity.  Integrity: we strive to meet the needs of our patients or residents by providing quality care with compassion.  Consistency: We will be consistent in the delivery of quality care and services to all patients or residents.

Girard Medical Center is a member of the American Hospital Association., the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley Hospital Council and the Catholic Hospital Association.

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