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Substance Use Disorder Services:


Detoxification & Rehabilitation Unit

Located on the 4th   floor of the ADC Building.  The 30 bed detoxification unit provides medically managed and medically monitored detoxification from drugs and alcohol.  The unit is staffed 24 hours/ 7 days per week with nursing staff, addiction counselors, addiction recovery assistants, and an attending physician.  Male and female persons in recovery are admitted for short-term detoxification with an average length of stay of 5 days.


Miracles in Progress I & II

MIP I & II provides services for dually diagnosed, chronically homeless men.  The program is an open ended program targeting men who have lived on the streets or in Philadelphia shelters for at least 5 years. Implemented on the recovery management model the program focuses on issues identified by the persons in recovery as important in maintaining long term recovery.  Community reintegration is an integral part of the programming as such persons in recovery are encouraged to participate in local activities social, cultural and spiritual.  Staff members act as partners in the recovery journey rather than leaders.


RTFA- Residential Treatment Facility for Adults

The RTFA provides residential treatment for persons in recovery with chronic mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse or dependency.  The program provides a long term intensive residential treatment for persons in recovery with extensive mental health histories.  Primary therapy groups are provided twice per week, with movement, music or art therapy groups provided weekly.  Life skills, anger management and leisure & recreational groups are provided on a weekly basis.  Persons in recovery are provided individual therapy at least once per week.  Interaction with intensive case managers and resource coordinators is maintained through the clinical supervisors and Behavioral Specialist, who also run groups with a focus on recovery management and discharge planning. The average length of stay for the program is 9months to one year.


The Return Program

The Return Program is a 34 bed program divided into one 18 and one 16 bed unit. Return I: Is a short term and long term residential rehabilitation unit for male persons in recovery with a history of addiction. Persons in recovery are seen individually at least once a week by the addiction counselor.  Primary therapy groups are provided three times per week by the counselors.  Step lectures are provided on a daily basis by Addiction Recovery Assistants.  Psycho-educational groups are provided twice a week. 


Return II: Is a short term and long term program for men and women who receive methadone as part of their recovery program.  Persons in recovery admitted to this track have a long history of opiate addiction. Persons in recovery receive their methadone through the Goldman MMT program as either dual enrollments to both programs or guest of the clinic. 


Torre De La Raza:

Torre Del La Raza provides short and long term treatment to male Latino persons in recovery who are monolingual or bilingual who present with addiction disorders.  Torre De La Raza is a 16 bed program.  The unit places an emphasis on providing a culturally appropriate therapeutic environment for persons in recovery who have in the past faced language and cultural barriers when seeking treatment.  The average length of stay on Torre De La Raza is 60 days.




Tower of the People-TDLR
Women Helping other Women

A 16 bed women’s unit providing long and short term rehabilitation to women with substance abuse disorders. Services are provided based on a Recovery Management Model utilizing the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health’s practice guidelines

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient
Drug & Alcohol Services

CAP/IOP provides outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment to persons in recovery who attend weekly individual and group therapy sessions as part of their total recovery plan.  Specialized services are provided to Spanish speaking persons in recovery.


Medication Assisted Services

Goldman Clinic-Methadone Maintenance

The Goldman clinic provides outpatient and intensive outpatient therapy to 752 medication assisted persons in recovery on a daily basis.  Persons in recovery enrolled in the program are required to attend individual therapy on a regular basis and receive methadone as part of the overall treatment program.  Persons in recovery are seen as little as 2 hours per month individually and as often as 9 hours per week in individual and group sessions.


GMC offers Vivitrol, a once a month injectable medication used to in the treatment of opioid dependence and alcohol dependence.  You must stop taking opioids before starting Vivitrol. Vivitrol is taken in conjunction with standard treatment in outpatient or residential programs.  Participants receiving injections also receive individual and group therapy.




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