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                                      Insurance and Billing


Patients/Residents are responsible for providing necessary insurance information and for working with the hospital to make payment arrangements when necessary.

North Philadelphia Health System, Girard Medical Center provides financial counseling and assistance with completing Medical Assistance Applications plus, where appropriate, discounts to uninsured and underinsured persons.  Patients or Residents’ concerns about their ability to pay their bill should contact NPHS’s Business Services Office at (215) 787-2530 or (215) 787-2362. 

Insurance Information

Insurance and third party payer information must be provided.  Patients/Residents should have their insurance cards or identification when speaking with a representative by phone or when admitted to the hospital.  NPHS staff contacts insurance carriers to verify benefits, co-pay and deductible information and assist with any required approvals and referrals when needed. 

Payment Due For Self-Pay Services

Payment arrangements for self-pay services at a discounted rate for uninsured patients/residents are expected at the time of service.  Payments can be made at the Cashier Window by Cash, Check, Master Card or Visa.  Payments can also be made over the phone by calling (215) 787-2118 or (215) 787-2545.

Filing and Insurance Claim

North Philadelphia Health System, Girard Medical Center, files insurance claims on our patients’/residents’ behalf.  This does not release them from responsibilities for charges billed to their account.  Insurance contracts are between the insured and the insurance companies.  Regardless of the type of insurance, bills are ultimately the responsibility of patients/residents.  Any portion of the bill not paid promptly by insurance companies is charged directly to the insured, such as co-payments and deductibles.

Questions about your Bill?

For any questions about the hospital bill prior to or during your stay, please contact a Business Services representative.  Question about your bill after discharge can be answered by calling the business office during regular working hours at (215) 787-2227 or (215) 787-2424.



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